About Us

Cinematic history

Legend Cinemas is the brainchild of two enterprising individuals who have a dream of revolutionizing the Malaysian movie scene. The website www.legend-cinemas.com first saw the light of a screen in October 1998, and since then, has grown to include thousands of pages worth of content. In this website you will find all the latest happenings of movies, be they local or international. News, reviews, previews, and contests are amongst its highlights. All this from the humble beginnings of Cinema Showtimes, now encompassing around 95% of ALL Malaysian cinemas, and as always, updated daily for your convenience.

WirelessThrough the success of www.legend-cinemas.com, came the idea of a magazine that will enable more venues for providing cinematic entertainment to our constantly growing base. Legend Cinemas Magazine was first published in October of 2002, and has grown vastly, but over time with the expansion of the Internet, came the demand for more online content, thus our platform has now gone fully digital following the cessation of the magazine to enhance your Legend Cinemas experience. You’ll find nationwide showtimes, unique and original coverage of movies, both international and local, celebrity interviews, informative feature stories, latest movie trailers, and MANY opportunities to win great prizes that include limited edition movie premiums!